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How to Enable Abandoned Cart SMS to Keep the Sales Growth Intact

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At present, making a quick purchase decision isn’t easy for customers because too many product choices and brands are available on the Internet. Therefore, it is imperative to go the extra mile to prevent cart abandonment and ensure long-term customer relationships.

By connecting your Shopify store with AfterShip SMS, you can reach the inbox of customers/prospects at the right time. It results in faster buying decisions and also sends a message that your brand values each customer. This will certainly increase the brand equity and result in business expansion.

Abandoned checkout recovery is available only for Shopify users. In addition, abandoned items won't be saved as long as they stay in the customer's cart.

Steps to enable abandoned cart SMSes

Make sure you’ve completed the process of getting TCPA/GDPR consent if you want to keep legal issues at bay. In case you don’t know how to do it, this help article will guide you better.

Log in to AfterShip Email and navigate to Emails & SMS > Flows > Flow templates
Choose Abandoned cart as your SMS flow template and click Get started

Mark Status as Enabled
Give your SMS flow a name
Set up the logic for the flow (Conditional split, Trigger split, Random split)
Use the Timing section to set the time delay between the previous and next step
Choose action
Click on the Elipses sign to open the edit option for your SMS text

View and edit your compliance settings and edit the SMS text if required

Click Save once done

➡️ Is there anything else I should know about?

Yes, keep the following details in mind while using AfterShip SMS.

SMSes will be sent to customers located in US, Canada, Australia, or UK.
Customers won't receive messages if they haven't subscribed or given consent for receiving text messages.
Abandoned checkout notification will not be sent in case of paid or archived orders.
SMS notifications won't be triggered for those abandoned checkout events that had happened before installing the app.

In case you are facing problem while setting up abandoned cart SMSes or want to know more about AfterShip SMS, chat with our support team now.

Updated on: 14/05/2024

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