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How to Connect your Shopify Store with Automizely SMS?

SMS marketing, a tried-and-tested technique, helps to boost the conversion rate and leads to high customer engagement. Text messages are crisp and prompt in nature, and this gives them an edge over emails.

Around 90% of messages get read within 3 minutes. It should be enough to understand why there’s a daylight difference between the open rate of SMS and email marketing.

With Automizely SMS, you can run your text message marketing campaigns at full throttle as you can set triggers based on your business needs.

Steps to connect Automizely SMS:

Go to your Shopify Store’s ‘Apps’ section > ‘Shops for apps’
Search for Automizely SMS and then hit the ‘Add app’ button
Click on the ‘Install app’ option of the permission request page

Ta-da! It’s done

In case you face any complications during the installation process, inform our support team and get a prompt resolution.

Updated on: 05/07/2021

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