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How to Send Post-Purchase Upsell SMS through AfterShip SMS in Shopify Marketing Automation


AfterShip SMS integrates with Shopify Marketing Automation, allowing you to send automated SMS messages. You have the flexibility to create custom automations or use the default template for post-purchase emails (Shopify email) and SMS (AfterShip SMS), driving repeat purchases with relevant product offers. This article takes you through the process of using AfterShip SMS in Shopify Marketing Automation.

Step 1: Integrate AfterShip SMS with Shopify

Install the AfterShip Email Marketing, SMS app on Shopify

Go to AfterShip Email Marketing, SMS app on Shopify app store > Click Add app
Select the store for which you’d like to install the app
Read through the privacy and permission details and click Install app

Step 2: Complete the onboarding process

Once the app is installed, you need to complete the SMS setup onboarding process in the AfterShip Email Marketing, SMS admin

Configure your SMS settings, including setting up your SMS

Obtain SMS consent from your customers. To ensure compliance with rules and regulations, refer to the guide

Step 3: Activate workflow and customize SMS content in Shopify

Head over to the Marketing section in the Shopify admin > Automations

Click Create automation and choose the workflow template titled Send a post-purchase upsell email or SMS

Select Use workflow to access the template editor. This template lets you directly activate the default post-purchase upsell automation or customize the SMS content according to your preferences.

Content Review and Approval

Please note that AfterShip SMS has a risk control mechanism when customizing the SMS content. This mechanism may require your content to be reviewed before sending it out. Typically, the review process takes around 1 hour but can occasionally take up to 24 hours. It is important to consider this timeframe when planning your campaigns.

SMS Pricing and Subscription

AfterShip SMS offers a free SMS plan with 50 SMS credits for you to try the service. If you find value in using AfterShip SMS for your marketing automation, you can subscribe to a paid plan through their website's billing page .

By integrating AfterShip SMS with Shopify Marketing Automation, you can leverage the power of automated SMS messages to drive repeat purchases and increase customer engagement. Enjoy exploring the possibilities of AfterShip SMS in enhancing your post-purchase upsell strategies!

Updated on: 14/05/2024

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