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How to Customize SMS Content With AfterShip SMS

AfterShip Email lets Shopify users create a flow so that everything happens according to a defined process. You can notify shoppers through customized emails and SMS. This help guide is all about how to customize SMS content.

Please note that your SMS content will reach recipients if they are in the US, CA, AU, or the UK.
Make sure you keep your SMS content compliant with rules and regulations. Otherwise, you’ll be blocked from sending SMSes via AfterShip Email.

Steps to customize your SMS content

Log in to your AfterShip Email account and choose Flows

Decide if you want to modify the SMS content for an existing flow or a new one

Let’s suppose you want to customize your SMS message for an existing flow, choose the SMS block to check its settings

Now, change the name and content as you like, but keep the character limit in mind before starting to customize the default SMS content

Merge tags are available, so use them properly to make your SMS content impactful. You can send yourself a test message to check how it is looking on your smartphone.

Click Save, and we will review your modified content and inform you via email when we are done. We will try to notify you within 24 hrs.

Note: Your customized messages won’t be triggered until we review them.

Updated on: 12/09/2023

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