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Customize the Opt-Out Texts in AfterShip SMS

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Opt-out text is an important part of an SMS message that allows customers to easily stop receiving further messages. AfterShip SMS provides simple options for businesses, giving their customers an easy way to unsubscribe and control their message preferences.

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Supported opt-out methods for different countries
Steps to set up opt-out messages in AfterShip SMS

Supported opt-out methods for different countries

In order to provide customers with the flexibility to manage their SMS preferences, two convenient opt-out methods are available:

Texting STOP: Customers can simply text “STOP” to the sender’s number to prevent receiving future messages.
Opt-Out Link: Alternatively, customers can click on the provided opt-out link within the SMS.

However, it’s important to note that specific countries may have unique requirements based on local regulations:

Singapore and France: For SMS sent to these countries, AfterShip employs a fixed alphanumeric sender ID, “AfterShip,” instead of individual business phone numbers due to the local regulations. Consequently, opt-out keywords, such as “STOP,” will not work with this alphanumeric sender ID, and only the opt-out link will be supported.

Other Countries: For SMS sent to all other countries, businesses have the flexibility to choose between the opt-out keyword or the opt-out link option, depending on their preference and local regulations.

Steps to set up opt-out messages in AfterShip SMS

Log in to AfterShip Tracking admin dashboard
Click Settings > Email and SMS

Select SMS > Opt-out text
Edit or customize the primary and secondary default opt-out texts under the Default section

By default, AfterShip provides primary opt-out texts for most regions. However, certain regions require an opt-out link, and therefore secondary default text is used.

Add custom opt-out text by clicking Add language and region

Merchants can also set custom opt-out texts for specific regions and languages. AfterShip matches the SMS action language and phone number of the country with any available custom opt-out text. If no custom text is available, the default opt-out text will be used.

Insert your custom opt-out text and click Save

In case of any further assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team.

Updated on: 14/05/2024

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