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How Can I Push SMSes Only to GDPR and TCPA Compliant Subscribers?

SMS marketing certainly helps your business to make big strides and secure whooping sales figures, but you must adhere to the government laws like TCPA or GDPR while doing it if you don’t want to face legal trouble.

Automizely SMS lets you trigger customized text messages as per your business preferences, however, it’s your responsibility to make sure that all recipients have given their consent first.

Sounds tough? No, it’s not if you follow these steps with perfection:

Steps to get GDPR and TCPA compliant subscribers:

Go to your Shopify store’s ‘Checkout’ settings > Navigate to ‘Form options’ and now choose the ‘Optional’ choice for Shipping address phone number

Scroll down to the ‘Email marketing’ section and click on the checkbox (if it’s unmarked) of the ‘Show a sign-up option at checkout’ option

Go to the bottom section, ‘Checkout Language,’ and select the ‘Manage Checkout Language’ option

Now, tap on the ‘Checkout & System’ tab and then navigate to ‘Checkout Marketing’

Small tip: Instead of skimming through all the options, just press CMD+F (on a Mac) or Ctrl+F (on Windows) and enter the keyword ‘Checkout Marketing’

Once you locate the mentioned section, enter this kind of text in the ‘Accept marketing checkbox label’

Keep me updated regarding the latest news and exclusive offers via Email or SMS. By checking this box, I agree to receive emails or SMS. Consent is not a condition of purchase. I can opt-out at any time (See privacy policy for details).

Again, use CMD+F (on a Mac) or Ctrl+F (on Windows) to search the ‘Phone Label’ and then enter the text as shown in the image below:

Congrats on completing all the steps successfully! Now, your checkout page will look something like this:

Now, hit the 'Save' button to finalize all your settings

Note that we are not a legal advisory, so it would be great if you get in touch with a legal professional regarding your GDPR or TCPA compliance questions. Apart from this, if you have any confusion with respect to steps or need assistance with something else, please feel free to ping our support team

Updated on: 29/07/2021

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